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Debt Borrowing

Debt funds can serve as a mutually beneficial system for borrowers and investors alike.

Investing in private debt through real estate debt funds can be a stable means for investors to diversify their investment portfolio.

For the borrower seeking speed of execution and flexibility, Fortius can arrange and provide real estate finance at different security levels including first mortgage, mezzanine debt and more complex equity hybrid structures. We can provide finance to assist with the purchase of land, to fund construction, or on completed assets of various types.

Debt funds can serve as a mutually beneficial system for borrowers and investors alike; the borrower is able to secure a loan, while investor returns typically come with a relatively low level of risk.

Learn more about real estate debt with Fortius

Here at Fortius, we’re among the leading providers of private debt financing in Sydney. We offer a range of debt investment opportunities as well as capital solutions for borrowers.

If you’d like to learn more about property development funding, mezzanine loans, stretch senior debt, other forms of lending or how you can invest in private debt in general, why not speak to the team at Fortius today? We’d be happy to help you get started.


What exactly is private debt?

“Private debt” is an umbrella term that covers loan facilities that aren’t typically provided by traditional banks. Instead, they’re provided by privately run investment funds, syndicates, mezzanine loans and sometimes even individuals.

What counts as a form of private debt?

Senior debt, mezzanine funding and distressed debt are all forms of private debt. Real estate debt is often attached to one of these types of funding, particularly for large-scale commercial or residential projects. They each carry varying levels of risk for investors but can be an effective way to make stable, long-term returns on investment.

How is this different from bank debt?

People and companies alike opt to borrow from a private debt fund for a variety of reasons. They may require a faster execution turnaround or a higher value loan than traditional banking outlets can offer.

Contact the team at Fortius today to discuss . Email [email protected] or contact us directly through our website.

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