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Sophisticated investors and SMSFs can access our value-add and core plus strategies through our single asset unlisted property trusts that provide quarterly distributions and the potential for capital growth.

Fortius is known for its ability to identify institutional-grade real estate assets that require specialist management to unlock the untapped potential and work to restore value. Our unlisted property trusts provide sophisticated investors access to carefully selected Australian real estate where the Fortius team is uniquely positioned to drive income growth and capital appreciation.

Why Invest with Fortius?

Fortius has demonstrated this capability over more than 90 separate transactions, and co-investing alongside investors in every opportunity. As a privately-owned business, we can move quickly to capitalise on an opportunity and take a hands-on active management approach.

More than 500 investors are growing their wealth through our syndicate platforms with the minimum investment of $100,000. If you would like to know more please subscribe to our mailing list for further information on our syndicate opportunities.

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